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Asheville Sound Temple - Asheville

Asheville Sound Temple

Asheville Sound Temple is a Geometric Energized Temple Space that is a Mecca for Sacred Journeying!

This manifests through The Divinity of Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls at the Heart Center.

The mission of Asheville Sound Temple is to let the Vibrations flow through the seed being of who you are on all vibrational levels, As Above So Below! Its all about Sacred Journeying to raise OUR Vibration.

We invite you to our Sacred Sound Circles & Harmonic Immersion Baths to soothe your Soul.

We also offer treatments. Let the Sacred Sounds of Pure Crystal Tones Alchemical Bowls energize and soothe you into the Emergence of this Time We Evolve in.)


“Free Flow, Heart Centered.”


On hand are the Finest quality and unique Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls around!

We offer “Prescriptive Bowl” Attunements. Come and find YOUR own Unique “Crystal Child” singing bowl.


a little about me……

I have been Playing Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls since 2002, facilitating Harmonic Medicine classes since 2001 and I have been using sound healing since 2000. This fascination with sound seemed to birth out of me when The Harmonic Convergence started in 1987.


I have travelled to many places to activate people and portals with Crystal Tone Alchemy Bowls. This is all based
on holding Ceremony & Crystal Bowls Activations in Asheville. This manifests at the Asheville Sound Temple.

Asheville Sound Temple
In The Great Smokey Moutains
Asheville, NC.

DahVid Weiss, L.Ac. PhD
(828) 333-0111