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Sugilite Sugilite clears the body and aura of unwanted energies that interfere with health and healing, clearing the path for more life force to heal and vitalize. Sugilite supports the easing of pain, alleviates stress and dispels the energies of environmental toxins. The light that emanates from Sugilite calms and relaxes while embracing a sense of peace.

Listen to the sound made by Sugilite Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Please note that these samples were recorded in a professional sound studio. Due to wide variations in the bowls, sound recordings and other variables, your bowl may not sound similar.

Sugilite Alchemy™

6" Sugilite Flat Base


7" Sugilite Flat Base


8" Sugilite Flat Base


9" Sugilite Flat Base


10" Sugilite Flat Base


Please Note: All singing bowls are shipped with a suede mallet and O-Ring.