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Crystal Singing Bowls Europe


Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, made by Crystal Tones®, fuse together 99.99% pure quartz crystal with precious gems and minerals. The result is an extraordinarily beautiful work of art that produces the purest sound harmonics for sound healing and deep relaxation. Crystal Singing Bowls Europe blends their healing power of sound with all our yoga and meditation trainings.  It is this mixing of sophisticated quartz fusion technology and the knowledge/wisdom of professional practitioners that is being discovered everywhere by physicians, psychologists, coaches, yoga teachers, healers and more. 


Shannon van Staden is an accredited Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Sound Healer, a Yoga Alliance teacher specialising in yin yoga, a meditation teacher and Chi Nei Tsang healer. Shannon aspires to share holistic wellbeing to help you live your most meaningful life. She believes the deep healing of harmonic sound is ideal for the times we are living in. She has established the first Crystal Tones sound temple in the heart of Europe, Brussels. Shannon has developed with Lama Brian Hilliard, The Power of Sound Healing trainings, gives workshops, private and group sessions and guides you to find your crystal healing bowls in the Sound Temple.


Crystal Singing Bowls Europe
Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)474 61 8889