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             Cancer Support Community

Sound Healing has become a mainstream ‘buzzword’ as more people experience the benefits of the use of frequency and vibration in their search for wellness. As our lifestyles continue on the fast track and pressures for people of all ages are rapidly accelerating, we seek more venues for mindfulness, well being, inner peace, relaxation and regeneration.

Professor Jeralyn Glass has been offering her popular meditation with Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing bowls for 2.5 years at the Cancer Support Community in Redondo Beach, California where there have been over 18,000 visits by cancer patients and their loved ones. The Cancer Support Community is continually working on new research in various topics and areas that are important to people impacted by cancer. Sound Healing is currently one of the most requested therapies. The Cancer Support Community is a non profit with the mission: ‘To insure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community- So that no one faces cancer alone.’ It is the largest professionally led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide.


"As the Program Director at the Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach, I frequently hear from our participants about how one or another of our classes has impacted them....but nothing as dynamic and passionate as the feedback I hear about Prof. Jeralyn Glass's Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls Class. Our participants tell me it's "magical" and "transformative". They rave about how "they are pain free for that hour", "that they can finally concentrate afterward", and "that all their anxiety and stress floats away". Jeralyn's class is so popular that there is always a waiting list because it fills up faster than any class we offer.  Our participants absolutely love this class for the calming reprieve and relief it brings to cancer." 

— Nancy Lomibao, MS, LMFT 36645 / Program Director, Cancer Support Community-Redondo Beach


What exactly are these state of the art sonic tools, the Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing bowls? Ancient tools for the modern culture, vibrational balsam for body and soul. Each bowl is formed of 99.992% high grade pure quartz from North Carolina, then infused with semi precious stones, minerals, metals and earth substances. The quartz crystals in every bowl are able to amplify, store, focus, transfer and most importantly, transmute energy. Quartz is the ultimate vehicle of communication and it’s use is widespread in our daily lives, being an essential component in computers, cell phones, automotive electronics, radios and microphones. The human body is crystalline in structure, and the quartz crystal may have a deeply healing effect on our organs, tissues and on the very cellular level. Every tone and vibration emanating from the gemstone infused bowls, provides a benefit through frequency and sound. Every musical note corresponds to an energy center in our body, aligning our human system.

Quantum physics teaches that atoms are made of vortices of energy, each one radiating its own energetic signature.The universe and every living creature is composed of energy. Everything from the level of an atom to the farthest reaches of the galaxy has a frequency. Every thought, every feeling, every organ, muscle and cell in our body creates a vibration, even every illness: when the vibration is in harmony with the rest of the body, we experience health, when it lacks harmony, we experience dis-ease.  

How does the Crystal Sound Therapy work? The pure, high frequency sounds of the instruments resonate and entrain with our physical, emotional and energetic bodies, bringing the possibility of clearing, cleansing and balancing at the cellular level. Every class, begins with a playful introduction exercise which calls all to presence, a personal intention is set, followed by a tuning to the feet with the weighted tuning fork. I facilitate with my experience and skill as a musician and sound healer as everyone is ‘bathed’ in Crystalline Harmonics and led in a guided meditation. The goals are to reduce stress and pain, bring deep relaxation, develop self awareness, promote creativity, improve learning, clarify personal values and with the use of the binaural beat, to balance the right and left brain hemispheres, bringing clarity to the anxiety, fear producing diagnosis of cancer. The results have been phenomenal as you read in the following testimonies.


“I find the most profound benefit is my ability to relax.  Sometimes, I've gone into the session quite stressed and upset. The music and the atmosphere have "overpowered me"  even when I've fought against them and kept obsessing about my problems. I've felt myself drawn in and been unable to keep obsessing. By the end of the session,  I'm relaxed, refreshed and am able to come up with ideas about how to positively deal with the situation. 

Thank you for your help in my healing.” Nancy


  "Daily responsibilities diminish our ability to function at our peak.

Healthy routines help neutralize negative effects. A tool that I never imagined was,

“Crystal Alchemy”. A transforming experience ! Zero effort, on my part.

Left feeling other worldly. Transforming." Les


“I’m personally grateful. I didn’t know what sound healing was about until I became part of this community. I always came out deeply relaxed and more balanced.  It was an out of body experience and was surprised how my body and mind positively responded to the vibrations. This has been a life changer for me.” Yvonne 


“I am a cancer survivor of a few years, living a full life. I have had many opportunities thanks to my medical team, to use supportive healing modalities with great benefits.

I had the privilege and blessing to meet Jeralyn Glass with her crystal bowls in a group setting in 2017. It was an amazing deep healing meditation which made me want to repeat the experience. In this past year, I experienced numerous benefits. Each time it's a new and individual experience and so personal even in the group setting. The combination of the sounds/vibration in concert with Jeralyn’s beautiful voice impacted a shifting in my focus, living fully in the moment with confidence and a joy of sharing with others. My memory has greatly improved as it had been severely impacted by chemotherapy. It is a transforming experience for me each time. There are also mystical gifts that are indescribable.” Dympna


 “The effect is so subtle, and it helps! The crystal sounds are like a gentle hand guiding the soul on its journey. I remember one time in particular when I actually felt the missing part of my breast as if it were there and it felt like it was a reminder not to tough it out so much and acknowledge what is- acknowledging the missing body part rather than ignoring it. I always put the crystal bowl session in my calendar. I would not miss it for the world! It really is a moment of taking care of oneself.” Marie 


“Ten years after cancer diagnosis and the concomitant removal of various body parts, I admitted that I needed some kind of support from others. I could not longer face disease alone. I found the Cancer Support Community in Redondo Beach and cried my way through the my first two weeks of yoga, meditation, workshops on goal building, diet, cooking, medical research, medications, and Cannabis. Among dozens of activities offered, singing crystal bowls did not fit into my academic background like a good lecture on methods that present and ancient healers might use to cure a swollen prostate and a depressed brain. Over the first few months at the center—many of my new cancer warrior friends praised the vivid experiences; physical, aural, and emotional; the calmed nerves, ameliorated pain and discomfort from crystal bowls' sound vibrations that penetrated body, bones, and tissue. The medical benefits sounded numerous and genuine. Still uncertain, I signed up. The warriors were correct. The crystal bowls did all the above and more.

The first session took me beyond my academic sense of healing. Two series of crystal sound vibrations surpassed feelings that I had thought my body capable of. The first filled a horizontal rectangular area of my upper chest about 12” by 4” and about .5” beneath the skin of my chest lasting more than one minute. The second one went far beyond the first in vibration, length, intensity, and wonderment. The inside of my head became a vibrating crystal bowl first from ear to ear, then inside the cranium, circling and banging and crashing into my inner cranial bowl, bouncing playfully, impossibly, back and forth, round and round, blissfully for nearly 3 minutes. After a year I can still relive some of the vibration and enjoy it again and again.The crystal bowl experience is a unique and enjoyable therapy that eases the psychological pain of cancer, creating new cognitive experiences and new corporal pleasures.” Kenny


“I have benefited greatly from all the Holistic Therapeutic classes and lectures at the Cancer Support Center since my diagnosis. Jeralyn's Crystal Bowl class is definitely  one of my favorites,  It is not only how talented and gifted she is in music, it is her smile, her heart and her soul that comes through and shines in that room, the peace that she offers with her magical and mystical Crystal Bowls sounds. I don't know exactly how it works, but it gives me an overall soothing in my body, mind and soul.  I have gone in with anxiety and restless legs, aches and pains, and I am always able to relax and enjoy and feel the "floating" experience:  no space, no time, just BLISS!  It is like a whole body massage and a spiritual renewing!  I also appreciate and enjoy the camaraderie she creates with her initial round of introductions and intentions.” Cony 


“I lost my body’s ability to regulate temperature  due to breast cancer and chemo. I live with hot flashes of great intensity 17 times a day for 4 minutes, followed by freezing temperature. 

The bowls provided great relief. During the session, I had the temperature attack and was astonished how I felt held in the container of the crystal sound and was able to cope with the pain in a new, unimaginable way.” Susan


I have a slow growing type of lymphoma and do not need treatment.  I’m in watch mode and have bloodwork done every month and see my oncologist quarterly.  My type of lymphoma, some people have had it for 10 years or more and have not needed treatment.  Even though I am not in the class, I feel the effects of the sounds from the crystal bowl through the walls.  My muscles start to relax and I feel a sense of peace while I am working.  After being diagnosed with lymphoma, I was stressed and unable to sleep.  I liked the feeling of peace when listening to the sounds of the Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls. I connect my earplugs to my tablet and sleep listening to them.  Amazingly I fall asleep immediately and when I wake up  and remove the earplugs, I am able to fall back to sleep instantly.  I awaken feeling refreshed every morning. —

— Nina Padilla, Program Manager Cancer Support Community 


I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Founders of Crystal Tones, Lupito Jones and Paul Utz, to their wonderful and knowledgeable staff, and to the Cancer Support Community, Redondo Beach, CA, for this opportunity to share the loving, high vibrational, healing energy of these sonic instruments, the Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls. It is my great joy to hold the Los Angeles Temple with over 300 singing bowls and to be in service to the Cancer Support Community, sharing the singing bowls magnificent ability to transmute and transform energy. 


In Light, 


Jeralyn Glass, Musician, Sound Healer, Meditation Leader, Founder of Crystal Cadence, a place for Song and Sound Healing, Los Angeles, CA.,