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Crystal Singing Bowl Temple - Australia

Crystal Sound and Light Institute

Crystal Sound and Light Institute

(in association with The Karyna Centre)

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Welcome to the 

Crystal Sound and Light Temple


7 Railway Parade, Katoomba NSW 2780



My Temple is in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney. Crystal Tones asked me to establish the first Crystal Singing Bowl Temple in Australia many years ago and it has been a most beautiful, sustaining and fulfilling relationship ever since. It is an honour and a privilege to work with Lupito and Paul’s creations and together with their team bring the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to the world. 

I am contactable 7 days a week and we can chat via email, phone, zoom, skype, what’s app or messenger. Make an appointment convenient to us both and visit my Temple in the clouds surrounded by trees and play the bowls in the pristine environment of the Blue Mountains. It’s gorgeous here and you are very welcome.

This year, 2019, I will begin teaching the 12-month professional training and study program of Crystal Sound Therapy with crystal singing bowls in Avebury and Glastonbury in the United Kingdom – home of the ancient Neolithic standing stones. We begin with a 14-day retreat which is the face-to-face component of the 12-month Certificate IV accredited training. In this year’s retreat we also have an extra day to travel a short distance between venues and do some extra sight-seeing.

The balance of the training and study program is completed at home with very regular contact with me as well as 10 support videos. I keep in regular contact with all my students and encourage each one to connect with me at least monthly. 

What students have said about previous courses

“It was a truly amazing healing transformation for me. An excellent opportunity to gain a knowledge of crystal bowls and build the relationship with the bowls. The learning journey has given me so much insight. Together as a group, we learned from each other - the care and love we gathered in these 2 weeks. Through this training I recognised the purpose of my life. How to serve myself and others. Appreciation of the Universal Being, to bring us vitality in life. Thank you, Susie - her devotion to Crystal Bowls and Sound, in addition her spiritual knowledge and teaching to shine the world with the Crystal Bowls to whoever needs it. May our learning Journey be full of Light.” Sandy Lam Ka Wai, Hong Kong

“What an AMAZING 2 weeks in COSTA RICA. The course was just divine, so much information, but when delivered, shown, and then practiced it became clear and easy. I can honestly say, I have never had such a profound healing as when I was a client in a practice session! I can’t wait to become proficient at this modality. Sound has been in my practices (Reiki and Heart Resonance and Tantra) for only a short while but blends seamlessly and enhances everything. I LOVE THIS COURSE!” Paul Cockram, Brisbane, Australia

Each year I am guided to a country and an environment that will support, bless and enrich our time together. In past years we have been in Costa Rica, Cambodia, Australia, USA, Bali and Italy is calling for 2020. In 2020 the Crystal Sound Therapy Diploma course will also be offered for graduates of the Certificate IV Crystal Sound Therapy (CST) course. 

This year I celebrate my 20th Anniversary of playing the crystal singing bowls with 18 years of teaching Crystal Sound and 15 years teaching Crystal Sound Therapy as an accredited training and study program. To celebrate I’ve created the Crystal Sound and Light Roadshow travelling to Melbourne, Brisbane and Bermagui this year for Pop-Up Crystal Bowl Exhibitions, crystal singing bowl concerts and book launches of my latest book, “One Heart Affirmations”. You can see an example of the book launch in the Blue Mountains with me playing the crystal bowls and my friend and long-time colleague, Carmen Warrington, reading one of the affirmations.

I invite you to register on my mailing list and visit with me online whenever you can via the website, my Facebook pages and Instagram. All links are below . . .

I love collaboration and with my colleague, Dr Carol Birrell we hold Sacred Soundings in Nature workshops around the world. In July, 2019 we will be in Wiltshire in the United Kingdom, exploring the mysteries of the Crop Circles with crystal singing bowls in a 7-day workshop filled with creativity, sacred music, exploration and connection. Please join us.

In November we journey to Japan and the experience of the Whispering Trees, Hot Springs and crystal singing bowls. The details and will be updated very soon so please register your interest on the form online and we will be in contact.

To work with the crystal singing bowls in depth is life-changing. To assist others to find their authentic selves, connect heart and mind and find a deeper sense of what they hold most dear is a beautiful pathway of service and love. I would be very happy to walk upon that path with you. I look forward to connecting with you along the way. Until then,

Love and peace



Susie Nelson-Smith (Director)

Crystal Sound and Light Institute

+61 412 348 463