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Crystal Singing Bowl Temple - Colombia

Sounds&Health Center is a place designed towards the well-being. It's the first temple and therapeutical center dedicated to the sound in Colombia.

Created by Alejandro Villalba (Musician), pioneer in the crystal bowl therapy in the country. S&H Center is tought for active people with modern lifestyles, seeking for an attractive, arthistic space to have an unforgettable sensorial experience. It's a place where the sounds go along with the healthiness and the senses inspiring people to discover the well-being.

Sounds and health center has developed its own formation program to learn how to use the sound with a therapeutical purpose. Besides that, in sounds and health center you will find crystal bowl therapies, bowl and chants concerts, sound entertainment, sound meditations, floral therapy, Grinberg method sessions, and the first alchemy bowls store

Alejandro Villalba Guerrero
phone: 312 451 9291