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Crystal Singing Bowl Temple - Atami, Japan

Crystalian Atami

Run and operated by Jun Makino, Master Bowl Player and Sound Healer, since 2003.

At Crystalian, not only can you experience a variety of Crystal Tone's Alchemy Crystal Bowls, attending Sound Healing workshop, but you may also recieve a Vibrational Sound Healing by Jun.

The in-house bath is filled from a wonderful quality natural hot spring, the source of the spring is a  well is dug right in the private garden. You can arrange for the bath in advance.

Atami is known as a Hot Spring Resort Town, located 45 minutes super-express train ride from Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station, and is about two hours' drive from Tokyo.

Crystalian is open by appointment only.

Jun Makino

Address: 16-6 Minaguchi-Cho
Atami, Shizuoka

Telephone: +81-557-83-3163