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Crystal Singing Bowl Temple - Lausanne

Univers Harmonie
Solutions for Life


Univers Harmonie® helps you to improve your life's quality and well-being with a range of everlasting products favoring Oneness and Return to Yourself, like Crystal Tones' singing Bowls, bio-energetic and bio-dynamic harmonizers based on sacred Geometry for personal and environmental wellness, and water activators.

We do organize as well trips in consciousness to sacred places like the Mayan Pyramids and Temples.

Our passion and knowledge for Crystal Tones' singing Bowls started about eight years ago, and we still manifest today the same Love for those magnificent multi-dimensional Tools of Light, taking the necessary time to help you finding the very right Bowl(s) connected to your Soul and adapted to your needs.

All the Bowls from our wide stock are displayed in our Temple and are available for playing.

We help you also to start with your Bowl, transmitting you the bases to let you fully enjoy the incredible Crystal Sounds, Vibrations and Frequencies of your new Crystal's Friend.

We enjoy to welcome you in our shop, located at only 5 minutes on foot from Lausanne's rail station and 30 minutes by train from Geneva's international airport.

Bienvenue chez Univers Harmonie !

Notre site internet est présenté uniquement en français, mais nous vous répondrons également avec plaisir en anglais, espagnol ou allemand.

Our website is presented in French, however we do speak as well English, Spanish and German and we can answer all your demands in those four languages.

Nuestra página web esta en francés, pero hablamos también Español, Inglés y Alemán y te podemos contestar en estos cuatros idiomas.

Unsere Webseite ist auf Französisch, wir sprechen aber auch Deutsch, Englisch und Spanisch und können auf eure Fragen in diese vier Sprachen beantworten.


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Roger Scheuermann

Rue du Simplon 3C

1006 Lausanne



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Tuesday-Friday 12:00 - 18:00

Saturday 09:00 - 12:00

Monday and Mornings on appointment

Phone number : +41 21 729 8507

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