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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Temple
The Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™ Crystal Singing Bowl Temple in association with Crystal Tones® was opened and consecrated on the Full Moon in Aries, October 2014.    

Carmel Glenane B A Dip Ed, internationally published Author, Teacher and Visionary Healer, has owned and operated Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™️ & Mystery School since 1993.
Carmel facilitates transformative pilgrimages to sacred destinations, Egypt (17 times); Japan - Mt Kurama (5 times;) and the great central heart of Australia, Uluru, creating ceremonies and earth gridding with Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowls.   Carmel co-creates with clients and students to facilitate their journey into the “Intelligent Heart" through the energy of the ‘Mothers’ wisdom with Crystalline consciousness. 
The exquisite selection of Advanced Alchemy Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks available at Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™ Crystal Temple, have been hand selected and prescribed by Bowl Master and founder of Crystal Tones®,  Lupito.  You can choose your individual Signature Heart bowl, or prescribed set from this incredible selection of Rare Earth, Metal, Mineral and Crystals.  Carmel opens you up to the multidimensional experience of these sonic Masterpieces through your Heart’s Intelligence.

Beginning your journey to become an Earth Custodian with the Advanced Alchemy Crystal Tones®️ singing bowls, can be a little overwhelming at first.

What do I choose and how?

Crystalline intelligence is as old as Earth Mother herself. (800 million years old) Earth Mother provides the conduit for ‘her’ intelligence to be in co-creation with you. We support you by holding space, so you can feel your direct relationship with the crystalline intelligences and ‘let them speak to you’.

The first bowl is your Signture Heart bowl and you begin to Awaken your Intelligent Heart through forming a relationship with your intelligent heart through the bowl.

You may like to invest in Sets of 3 and built up your personal collection. These sets can be built up to create you own ‘Stargate Grid’ of 25 Bowls. Others purchase, creating sacred space in private and retreat spaces. Some people become a Crystalline Master Practitioner, using the bowls with other healing modalities (eg. Reiki, Yoga etc) and conduct Sound Immersion with their clients and students including Gridding and Planetary Healing.

You are in a co-creating relationship with the bowl, it intuitively calls you.  The responses can be very intense physically: ie. Energy surges, emotions come to the surface, others experience a sense of knowing; a Bliss, while others find the bowl is Self Nurturing or a Protective Force.  We offer support through this selection process, to ensure your receive the most perfect bowl for your Intelligent Heart. 

We hold a regular WEEKLY Sound Imersion with the bowls allowing you to be immersed in the Liquid Light to transcend your hearts consciousness.

The Advanced Alchemy Bowls also support all of Carmel's Teachings and Training programmes. Carmel offers a Globally Accredited -  5 Day Training Program: AWAKEN your INTELLIGENT HEART with ALCHEMY CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS. 




Carmel also works with Advanced Alchemy Crystal Tones® bowls on her Tours to Sacred Destination. 


                                     JAPAN - MAY 2020


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Allow yourself to receive from these magical sonic Masterpieces, that change consciousness in an instant!! 

 Heart I Love You, 


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