Crystal Singing Bowl Temple in Schwaz / Tirol, Austria
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Crystal Singing Bowl Temple - Austria

Crystal Temple Schwaz / Tirol


Our Crystal Temple is located in the center of Schwaz / Tirol . In the middle ages silver was found here, which brought immense wealth to the town and that gave it the name " Silver City ".

Right behind the majestic church you can find our colorful house ( POETTINGERHOUSE ), that shows on the outside what we feel inside.

Since 25 years we have been working with crystals, precious stones, healingstones , drums , flutes and original handworks from the american natives.

Two years ago the crystal bowls came to us by setting a crown on our previous work through the clarity of their tones as well as the combination of Alchemy .

For our clients and customers we offer group evenings, single treatments , workshops , sounded evenings and shamanic journeys.

Location :
A- 6130 Schwaz / Tirol / Austria
Winterstellergasse 4
Tel -Fax   0043 (0)5245 62263

Hours, days of operation :
Monday - Friday  10 - 12 …..15 - 18
Saturday  10 - 12  and by extra appointment

Contact  person :
Helga Poettinger
Nicole Poettinger

Kristall-Tempel Schwaz/Tirol/Österreich

Unser Kristall-Tempel steht mitten in Schwaz,der Stadt  die im Mittelalter eine Silbermine betrieb und dieser Region immensen Reichtum bescherte und ihr den Namen " Silberstadt " gab.

Hier steht unser bunt bemaltes Haus ( Poettinger-Haus ) das nach aussen zeigt was wir innen fühlen.

Wir arbeiten seit 25 Jahren mit Kristallen, Edelsteinen, Heilsteinen, Trommeln, Floeten und orig. indianischem Kunsthandwerk.

Vor beinahe 2 Jahren hielten die Kristallklangschalen bei uns Einzug und kroenten unsere bisherige Arbeit, durch die Reinheit ihrer Klaenge , sowie der Alchemie Kombinationen.

Wir bieten unseren Kunden und Klienten Gruppenabende, Einzelbehandlungen, Seminare , Klangabende und Klangreisen.

Location :

A-6130 Schwaz/Tirol/Österreich
Winterstellergasse 4
Tel - Fax 0043(0)5242 62263

Geschaeftszeiten :
Montag - Freitag    10 - 12 …..15 - 18
Samstag    10 - 12  und nach Vereinbahrung

Kontaktperson :

Helga Poettinger
Nicole Poettinger

In Atlantis the crystal workers and healers were already working with crystals and even with their sounds and frequencies. For some time now we have the possibility to use the crystal bowls again.

The two alchemists William Jones and Paul Utz (USA) have created these unique, high quality " Crystal tones  using quartz crystal, minerals, precious metals and other natural materials.
No bowl compares to each other , neither in sound nor in color.

The human body mostly consists of crystalline shapes and for this reason the resonance on crystals and its " voices " is extremely high.

Thereby the healing potential gets promoted equally on physical, emotional, mental, causal, intuitiv and spiritual levels.

The human is seen as a whole system and we have the possibility to experience deep harmony, resolve blockages and to enter the healing process.

With the alchemy bowls we work on and around the body. By playing the bowls we clear and clean the aura and the spherical tones get through the entire system up to our DNA.