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Crystal Sonic™ Therapy

As an integrative oncologist, Dr. Gaynor has been implementing sound and music therapy as a part of his patients’ treatment protocol for over 25 years. What he’s found is that music and sound healing make patients feel more relaxed, and they experience a new found sense of harmony and inner peace that lasts long after completing cancer treatments.Crystal Sonic Therapy

In his book, The Healing Power of Sound, he shows how sound and music can be an important part of a comprehensive program that everyone can use to create a healthy mind, body, and spirit. As a therapeutic modality, healing sound balances the body’s systems to promote health, not disease.

An adjunct therapy to conventional cancer treatments, music is an integral part of Dr. Gaynor’s practice so much so that he has developed specially composed music using quartz crystal called Crystal Sonic™ acoustics. You can buy his CD's at his website, Crystal Sonic™ Therapy

Brainwaves respond to specific musical frequencies and tones. The Alchemy Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls™  are specially manufactured by Crystal Tones to create rich vibratory frequencies that can be tuned to 1/100 of a Hz by adding a variety of minerals and metals to the quartz at temperatures of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the bowls are played in a binaural beat set, it will generate specific types of brainwave entrainment. Delta waves are associated with deep meditation and have a frequency of 0,5-4 Hertz (Hz) or cycles/second. Theta waves are associated with a relaxed resting state and are in the 4-7 Hz range Alpha waves are in the 8-12 Hz range and are associated with an awake peaceful state. Beta is 13-30 Hz and is associated with focus and concentration. Gamma is in the 30-40 Hz range and is associated with peak alertness.

In celebration of Dr. Gaynor's appearance on the Dr. Oz show and of the introduction of his Crystal Sonic™ Therapy, Crystal Tones is offering Crystal Singing Bowl Sets designed to work with Crystal Sonic™ Therapy in your home, office, studio or spa. These specials will be available until August  15th.

Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Special

Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Special

Buy any Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl save $15!

These beautiful and luminescent bowls emit an expansive healing sound that is reminiscent of ancient temple gongs and bells.

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Binaural Beats Classic Frosted Set 

Dr. Oz Show

This classic crystal singing bowl set has been specifically designed for you!

The binaural beats are generated by the two 10" bowls, and the third bowl, a 12" has been added as a harmonic third tone.

These three bowls generate a beautiful sound that is an enhancement to any 
meditative practice. 

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Binaural Beats Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Dr. Oz Show

This Alchemy three bowl set will include a  Rhodochrosite for the joy of the heart, an Egyptian blue for wisdom and an Ocean indium for physical healing.

Composed with binaural beats and harmonic tones the CST technology will enhance your experience of the crystalline gemstone and mineral sound matrix of the Alchemy Singing Bowls.

The Dr. Oz Bowl Special! Dr. Oz Show

Welcome to the world of Dr. OZ!  

Integrating the body, mind and spirit - Rhodochrosite helps to balance emotions, and increase joy and self love.

For this special, take $150 off any Rhodochrosite bowl.

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Classic Frosted 7 Bowl Chakra Set

Buy a full classic frosted 7-bowl set and save $500 over buying them one by one!

Bowls are from 14-8" in size.

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