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Divine Kryon Alchemy Crystal Temple

A unique and beautiful Crystal Temple, the Divine Kryon Alchemy™ Crystal Singing Bowl Temple has been created by Jan Tober. Jan is the co-author of the Hay House best selling "Indigo Children" books, and has worked side-by-side for 23 years with Lee Carroll, original channel for KRYON.

This newly created Alchemy, the Divine Kryon™ bowl is exquisitely beautiful, and it's frequency is extraordinary. The energy of the bowl is "recalibration and clearing." This new bowl is being featured in each custom DNA activation reading that Jan Tober is known for.

Learn more about Jan's custom DNA activation readings at www.jantober.com. Are you interested in purchasing, or knowing more about the bowl? Email Jan and supply your phone number. She will call and tell you all about it!

The Divine Kryon Alchemy™ Crystal Temple is open by appointment only.

Contact:Jan Tober

Phone: 858-759-8969 (please email first)

Email: jantober@kryon.com


Watch the 11-11-11 Crystalline Grid Activation with Jan Tober