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Crystal Bowl Musical Gematria

Karisma.JPGWhen we feel sick we go to the doctor so he or she can make a diagnosis and therefore prescribe the right medicine.Vibrational medicine works the same way, a diagnosis is required in order to prescribe the right mineral, gem or metal fused with quartz.

With your name and date of birth, Karisma can find out which singing bowls you need for your physical, emotional, mind, soul and spiritual bodies, that way you will hold the Merkaba of your chakras and will help you in now time liberate the compression caused in your atomic system, cells and organs of the solar explosions. In simple words, the vibrational therapy of the singing bowls will help you survive healthy and successful in life.

Please complete the form by following this link to find out what singing bowls you need. With this information Karisma will be able to diagnose the right signing bowl as each individual is unique. You will receive your prescription through the email provided within 72 hours.

The importance of knowing what singing bowls you need.

-Karisma The Mystic Scientist