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why crystal singing bowls?

Crystal Singing Bowls are a new twist on a very old idea. The original metal singing bowls first originated in Asia, and some scholars believe that they are a derivation of the ancient Buddhist begging or alms bowl from over 2500 years ago. In the Tibetan oral tradition, they are described as instruments of meditation. The haunting sound of a Tibetan metal bowl can be very peaceful and healing indeed.

Crystal Singing Bowls are tuned to the notes of the seven chakras, and we have found that by playing the bowls we can tune and balance our chakras to promote health and emotional well-being.

change how you think about sound & healing

Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® are instruments for the mind, body, and soul. Using sound and vibration for healing and meditation, these 99.995% pure crystal quartz bowls are made with the intention of bringing out your energy and bringing you into balance and harmony.
99.995% Pure Crystal Quartz Bowls - Crystal Tones
Balance Mind and Body - Crystal Tones


Balance in your mind and body are crucial in living a harmonious life.

Organic Sound - Crystal Tones

organic sound

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® carry the vibrations of positive energy.
Life Force Energy - Crystal Tones

life force energy

The essence of life that flows through all living things are projected through the crystal structure of our bowls.

all of our bowls are made only with pure quartz crystal and the finest in gemstones and precious metals such as 24 karat gold, silver and platinum.

Our Crystal Singing Bowls are made with only the purest quartz crystal (99.999% pure) that is sourced from a location within the United States. Our Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are created entirely within the USA and are created with a proprietary process that allows us to fuse minerals, metals and crystals with the pure quartz, creating a sound healing tool that is entirely unique in the world.

Our process is proprietary, and is not available from any other source. Each bowl that is created is marked with a unique serial number, so that the owner can be assured that it is a genuine and authentic Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl®. Each bowl that is created has been crafted from the highest standard of materials and has been thoroughly inspected and carefully chosen to ensure the integrity of the final product.

The difference between our bowls and any other on the market is obvious, from the purity of the tones to the beauty that radiates from each and every bowl created.

certificate of authenticity

Crystal Tones® is the world’s premier manufacturer and distributor of quartz crystal singing bowls. They are the highest frequency sound healing tools available

We are the creators of the original Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, which are proudly made in the USA. Our unique alchemical manufacturing process is proprietary. Our process includes precious gemstones, pure metals, and rare minerals.

Only the finest 99.999% pure USA-sourced quartz crystal and top quality raw materials are used in our Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®. Each one is a divine masterpiece created just for you.

Certified - Crystal Tones

All Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, are registered with an authentication code and hologram sticker. This validates its origin with Crystal Tones® and protects you as the true certified owner.

Our Bowl Registry is your guarantee of Crystal Tones® quality and 100% assurance that we stand behind every product we make. Each Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl®, is made in the highest frequency of love for you.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls Set - Crystal Tones
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