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Welcome to Crystal Tones® at Mt. Shasta

Here you will find a large collection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®. Our showroom is a perfect place to discover and enjoy the magic of Crystal Singing Bowls.

A special place

Crystal Tones® Mt. Shasta is a premiere store located in Northern California. This new store serves the visitors and local community who come to visit this magical vortex town by offering over 1,200 Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, soundbaths, education, and a knowledgeable staff to assist all those who are interested. Located on the main thoroughfare running through the heart of the town at 416 N Mt Shasta Blvd, the Crystal Tones® Mt. Shasta store is here to serve.
Special Place in Northern California
Crystal Tones High Quality Crystal Singing Bowl

Mount Shasta, a mystical mountain.

For centuries, Mount Shasta has held a prominent place in ancient folklore, engimatic engima, and spiritual ceremonies.

This colossal and majestic peak, magnetically attracts individuals from across the globe, who revere it as one of the utmost potent and sacred summits on our planet. From the transcendent encounters of those undertaking pilgrimages to this mountain, to the undisclosed celestial gateways and the awakening of spiritual focal points, Mount Shasta persistently beckons numerous souls to its sacred slopes.

Numerous pilgrims who venture to this divine location often proclaim that the mountain irrevocably alters the course of their lives. This is a perfect place to be in harmony with nature and to learn about the incredible benefits of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®.

Mount Shasta has held a prominent place - Crystal Tones

Experience Deep Relaxation & Transformation: Book Your On-Site Crystal Tones® Mount Shasta Sound Bath Today!

Bringing the tranquility of sound healing directly to you!
Crystal Tones®, a leader in sound and vibrational therapies, offers transformative on-site sound bath experiences led by a Crystal Tones® certified sound bath leader.

What is a Sound Bath?
Imagine a deep state of relaxation, where stress melts away and your mind quiets.
A sound bath uses the resonant sounds, vibrations and frequencies of Crystal
Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️ to create a powerful immersive experience.
These sounds, vibrations and frequencies can:

● Reduce stress and anxiety
● Improve sleep quality
● Boost the immune system
● Promote deep relaxation and rejuvenation
● Enhance creativity and focus

Register for Your Sound Bath Today!
Follow the below link to our registration page.

Crystal Singing Bowl - Crystal Tones
Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls - Crystal Tones

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For more information about the Crystal Tones® at Mt. Shasta, and our collection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®, visits to our showroom, or any other question you may have, please send us a message.

come visit us at our mt. shasta showroom:

416 N Mount Shasta Blvd
Mount Shasta, California 96067
United States

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