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meditative rooms at your workplace

More and more companies are embracing Zen principles to bring tranquility to their employees daily work and help balance the demands that growing a business places on individuals and teams. As a result, these employers are seeing more creativity, better communication and collaboration, and less stress in the workplace. Crystal Tones® can help you create that special Meditative Room that your personnel will love and use to relax the mind and uplift the soul.

specialized training

Meditation rooms offer employees time to relax and calm down when they are irritated by annoying whistling from co-workers or a loud phone conversation. Upon returning, they are in a better state of mind to get down to business. With specialized advice from the experts at Crystal Tones®, we can help you create that perfect isolated, noise-free space. In addition, our Singing Bowl Masters can train you to offer relaxing sound baths to relieve stress for your workplace’s personnel.
Relaxing specialized training

Corporate Services On-site Sound Baths

Experience Deep Relaxation & Transformation: Book Your On-Site CRYSTAL TONES® Sound Bath Bring the tranquility of sound healing directly to your location!

Crystal Tones®, a leader in sound and vibrational tools, therapies and education, offers transformative on-site sound bath experiences led by a certified professional.

What is a Sound Bath?

Imagine a deep state of relaxation, where stress melts away and your mind quiets. A sound bath uses the resonant vibrations of Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® to create a powerful immersive experience.

* Reduce stress and anxiety
* Improve sleep quality
* Boost the immune system
* Promote deep relaxation and rejuvenation
* Enhance creativity and focus

Perfect for:
* Corporate wellness
* Corporate events and retreats
* Private gatherings and parties
* Spas and wellness centers
* Yoga studios and meditation groups

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Contact us to discuss your needs and create a personalized sound bath experience. Let the healing sounds and vibrations of Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®

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Meditation is about mindfulness. It’s all about being present with your thoughts. Encouraging mindfulness is an awesome way to encourage focus.

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Meditation Rooms in the workplace is an escape from elbow-to-elbow coworkers. A few minutes of solitary can recharge a worker’s batteries.

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Sound Baths relax and reduces stress and anxiety. Much like meditating, Crystal Tones® sound baths can lead to reduced stress and deep relaxation.

we assist you in selecting the right bowl sets for the optimal meditative room


Every set is one of a kind. A Crystal Tones® Crystal Bowl Master™ will customize the perfect mix of Alchemy Bowls unique to your own business needs. We offer our services to Corporate offices, Medium and Small businesses, Freelance professionals, Residential businesses that want to experience the benefits of the Alchemy Crystals Singing Bowls®.


If you want to increase the well-being and mental health of your employees and expect to see an increase in the productivity of your business, a partnership with Crystal Tones® can help you not only with sound bath training and singing bowl sets, but also by offering our complete collection of the world’s best-selling crystal singing bowls to your staff.
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