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Genevra Jolie - Crystal Tones

Meet with Genevra Jolie

In this edition we spotlight one of our Partners, Genevra Jolie /crystalsingingbowlsuk and the Crystal Singing Bowls UK Temple in Lewes, United Kingdom.
“One of my earliest memories as an eight-year-old girl was visiting the Minoan Palace of Knossos in Greece and feeling a sense of deep connection as I took shelter under the shadow of a beautiful ceramic vessel that was much taller than I. Destined to express myself as an artist, my youth unfolded with a love of vessels, form, texture, colour and light. By age 23, I had become a very successful studio ceramist, winning awards and exhibiting nationally.
Since I can recall, I have always wanted to help those suffering. As I moved into my mid-twenties, this desire became strong, and I trained to become a front-line social worker with the homeless, those facing challenges around addictions and others fleeing from domestic abuse. I simultaneously began a journey of exploration into the healing arts, energy and philosophy.
Over a decade later, one night while sleeping, I had a dream. I found myself in a room filled with vessels, with light coming down into them and colour emanating from them. As I walked around, I could hear a heavenly sound as I passed each one. The vessels were on plinths, and in the centre of the room was a pool of water on a bed of quartz crystal that I sat and drank from. I awoke, inspired to make art again, a sound/ light and ceramic installation that took people on a journey into their centre, where they drank from a healing pool of water.
A few days later, I was invited to attend a crystal singing bowl concert. After this experience, the idea of creating a ceramic installation was rewritten. I knew I had just witnessed a future version of myself. The impulse lit me from within; I needed to find the bowls, to have the bowls and to play the bowls.
I went online and quickly sifted through the replicas, following the energy of what felt clear. I found our beloved Crystal Tones, and then I saw the Alchemy Bowls and immediately knew they were ‘the ones’. It was only a matter of space and divine intervention before I brought four Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and began integrating them into my healing sessions. Word got out. People wanted to see them, receive them in their sessions and learn more about them. I then had a call from a woman in Belgium who asked to buy one; she told me that she felt I would have more coming. So I let her purchase one of my bowls and bought two more.
I was simply living what was unfolding, organically becoming a wayshower for the bowls. This life and many lifetimes have brought me here. Luptio at Crystal Tones could feel the energy, and we ignited a beautiful partnership together with Paul Utz that would deepen over the next 13 years until now. Our work is undoubtedly collective and spans many timelines. These bowls reflect and amplify the energy that we align to, and so it is imperative to understand the level of responsibility we have as practitioners and wayshowers to work on ourselves and be ourselves.
In this journey of soundness, I have had no training, just observation and reflection. I am being taught about energy, vibration, alignment and expression from deep within. There is only an ever-increasing expansion in the universe, which is speeding up, not slowing down. Together we can expand in celebrating each other’s journey. Each one of us has a unique expression, origin, orientation, purpose, alignment and many lifetimes before that will transmit a signal that attracts those that resonate. Our work as wayshowers is to be ourselves fully, hold ourselves and each other in Love and know that this work is sacred.”
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