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Danielle Klein - Crystal Tones

Meet with Danielle Klein

Hello, I’m Danielle Klein— a Crystal Tones® Partner.
I had been getting the nudge to explore sound healing for many years, but every time I looked for sound bowls, I wasn’t impressed. When I discovered Crystal Tones® Alchemy Sound Bowls® , I immediately knew these were the ones I had been waiting for. Their angelic sounds spoke to me on a profound level. I was (and still am) obsessed with my first Alchemy Bowl® set that I purchased. I love the intention, mindfulness and process of picking out bowls so much that I became a Crystal Tones® Partner. I absolutely love helping people get their magical sets so they can share the exceptional resonance of these bowls with others.
I am a researcher and forever student at heart so of course I immersed myself in the ancient wisdom of sound and energy. I explored healing traditions from around the world which inspired me to create a Sound Healer Course-a transformative experience where I witness students uncover their innate healing abilities. This has been the most soul fulfilling path I’ve been on in my life. Helping people share the magic of sound has truly been a gift. I am excited that the Crystal Tones® Partner Program will provide a chance to connect with other partners, bringing together a healing community.
I’m excited about contributing to the online platform where people from around the globe can search for Crystal Tones® Partners & learn where they are hosting sound journeys. This will cultivate an inspiring community that values self care and well-being. My life has been positively influenced since I purchased my first set of alchemy sound bowls. And every person I play for can feel the transformative power of sound.
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