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sacred sound to honor the shadow, light, and rainbow within

our philosophy:
alkəmē represents a lifestyle of reciprocity, sustainability, authenticity, and oneness with our earth. we celebrate the shadow, the light, and each unique expression on this planet.

our purpose is to hold space and share from our hearts, with the intention to invite others to awaken. we hold a vision for a sustainable, reciprocal, and harmonious rainbow earth filled with luminous vibrations of peace, unity, and love.

who we are:
the alkǝmists — we express through authentic art and sacred sound. we are self-initiated individuals using the wisdom of our soul to guide us.

we practice with the five elemental sounds of nature — earth, water, fire, air and spirit — to alchemize our lives, align with our authentic expression, and raise the vibration of the planet.

alkǝmists express love and kindness to all living things, knowing when we live in harmony, we are connected to all those and everything around us. we are part of a healed, whole earth.


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