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Anahata Holistic Healing

“All wonderful things that we desire in life such as love, harmony, peace, abundance, joy, vibrate at a certain higher frequency. Through certain sacred sound currents, we can entrain our thoughts, emotions, energy field down to our cells to resonate at the same frequency of higher resonance to match the field of what our hearts desire” ~ Shehera Mocellin

Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls are amongst the most powerful tools for healing. Each bowl is a live conscious being, a guru so to speak, and carries its own unique energy, along with the metaphysical properties of the alchemies infused into the clear quartz base.

The healing properties of the crystals, combined with the heavenly tones of the Alchemy bowls create vibrations which, when guided properly, can open up your being to peace and harmony within. Sound healing isn’t only about recovery, this practice can also relax, inspire, hone your intuition, balance your chakras, and wake you up to your divine calling. Sound healing is a unique and personalized experience that every person encounters differently.

At Anahata Holistic Healing, Shehera provides personalized Crystalline Activation Consultations in- person or via zoom with a special cacao ceremony and meditation to open up the heart and be guided to choose the perfect soul companion bowl or set that is in your highest alignment. After, she intuitively reads your aura and prescribes the perfect medicine for your soul’s evolution as the base of your set and helps to curate a tuned and harmonized set.

Shehera believes one of her highest callings is to be in divine service to these magical bowls and assist in being the liaison between them and the sound keepers of Earth today.

Located centrally in Los Angeles, close to Beverly Hills and West Hollywood area, Anahata Holistic Healing Temple has over 100 bowls to choose from at the temple, you are sure to find your new Guru and soul companion at Anahata Holistic Healing Temple.

Shehera is also a certified Kundalini yoga instructor, intuitive, Reiki master, pranic healer, meditation teacher and breath work healer. Through these modalities, Shehera is dedicated to helping you find your best self, always. Learn more at

Anahata Holistic Healing
8569 W Olympic Blvd
90035 Los Angeles
United States
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