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Ascend Organic Lifestyle Center







I am grateful to assist you on your journey to becoming Living Love! Living Love is my term for living in Grace, Compassion, and Freedom. It is possible to achieve this goal, and the rewards of “”Living Love”” is creating “”Heaven on Earth”” – Right Now!

Through my sounding Crystal Bowls and channeling Light Language from Your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Ancestor Spirits, Angels, and Inter-dimensional Friends, you will become attuned to frequencies that literally “”Lighten”” you. As you become more entrained with higher Love frequencies, you will be more healthy, fulfilled and feeling love and compassion for Yourself and others.
I’m excited for you to join me on this journey of En-LIGHT-enment! Join this channel for the Freshest Codes of Light to keep you on the path!

Much Love,

Rev AK

Ascend Organic Lifestyle Center
671 State Route 179
Ste DCT-3
86336 Sedona
United States
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