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Auracle’s Colour Therapy™

In the realm of healing and spiritual awakening, Leslie Sloane stands as a beacon of Love, compassion, and profound insight. With over 35 years of dedicated experience, Leslie is not just a healer; she is an intuitive, Certified Colour, Energy & Sound Healer. Her journey, born from an innate connection as a child to the universe’s core elements, has been an awe-inspiring odyssey that bridges science and spirituality, awakening humanity to their true potential. What makes Leslie truly unique is her extraordinary ability to perceive universal particles, auric fields, colours, and geometries, the very fabric of the universe itself. These intricate patterns, known as “codes,” are imprinted within our human DNA. Through these codes, Leslie guides her clients to access their “Vibrational Blueprint” – a synthesis of their Physical DNA and Spiritual DNA. This multidimensional and transformative experience awakens their life’s purpose, mission, and a direct line of communication with their infinite intelligence.

Leslie’s own life is a testament to her healing abilities. In 2003, she faced a harrowing four-year battle with a mysterious illness that confounded both holistic and medical treatments, leaving her in tremendous pain. However, it was her profound connection, and dialogue with particular colours which emerged in her self-healing sessions, that spawned a deep inner revelation that ultimately cured her. The illness disappeared immediately and has not returned in 20 years. Leslie is also a Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowl Practitioner who has been a Distributor of the Crystal Tones® Singing Bowls since 2009. She continues to work with clients finding the perfect bowls aligning with their unique “Vibrational Blueprint”, which determines their life, purpose and mission.. This creates expansion in deeper levels of healing, harmonization, restoration, and all over wellbeing.

Auracle’s Colour Therapy™
300 Rolling Oaks Dr. - Ste 287
91361 Westlake Village
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