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The Mystic temple + Sound Chamber

Roxy Ghoraishy is an intergalactic soul, a mystic mama, a medicine woman, a quantum sound healer, spiritual guide, intuitive channel, reiki master, lightcode activator and soul initiator into the realm of all things mystical and magickal as the creatrix of the ‘ Modern School of Mystics’ formerly known as Ceremony Meditation.

She has been a channel to birth a healing and wellness center that has rebirthed into a conscious community global platform to support the spiritual awakening of the collective in the evolution of humanity to bring forth the golden age. She is dedicated to creating platforms and offerings to support the real education of the new earth through sound alchemy + medicine, healer training courses, DNA light code activations, 1 on 1 ascension guidance, to honor the sacredness of ceremony and ritual and the initiation that comes with this rites of passage when stepping into your dharma to live your purpose authentically. It is a time of global awakening and everything as we know it is changing, as we are going through a paradigm shift. We as a collective are called forth as lightworkers to bring forth a new way of being as we create a new world together on the foundation of LOVE.

The Modern school of Mystics is dedicated to sharing esoteric wisdom and ancient rituals for the modern multi dimensional soul to support personal transformation, social impact, and spiritual awakening of humanity.

Since 2015, she has been dedicated to holding space for the awakening of the collective through transformational offerings to support those in their journey of spiritual awakening and evolution. Roxy’s background has not always been wellness, as she was in the Real Estate industry as a broker and the owner of an escrow company for close to 15 years. When she went through her awakening she realized how unhappy she was in a career that she was in since college, and started on this path of learning energy medicine in which she experienced profound shifts and a deep level of healing. She then continued on this path and sold her escrow business and decided to open a healing and wellness meditation center in Venice beach to support the awakening of others, and to share energy medicine, ritual, and ceremony to teach the profound level of healing that comes with creating a daily meditation practice. Her gift of healing came forth in what seemed to be a very challenging time in her life which ended up transforming her life and being the greatest gift in her life. She had such a transformational experience that she wanted to share this gift of healing with others which started the journey of creating a conscious community center called Ceremony Mediation. Since then she has witnessed hundreds and thousands of souls heal on a deep soul level and discover their purpose, become healers, sound alchemists, teachers, change careers, and truly discover their gifts to be able to share them with the world in the most authentic way.

Roxy truly believes in making a difference in the world as one person can make a significant impact in others’ lives, as we recognize we can heal the world as one collective as we are not separate.

She is the host of ‘The Journey of Awakening’ on Evertalk TV, a show where she shares the journey of those leading a life of purpose and making an impact in our society. In this show she shares the story of what an awakening looks like for the various guests, and the profound shifts that took place in their lives and to share the social impact they are now making to bring change in this world.

She is dedicated to living a life of service, passion + purpose and igniting this flame in others. She has a deep love for sharing ancient wisdom, modern mysticism, sacred ceremony, and works energetically to create space for deep healing, transformation, DNA activation.

She facilitates teacher training programs, and retreats all across the world, as well as having a online membership global platform and community of lightworkers, to educate leaders in mystical teachings for the modern day in order to activate souls to step into their highest potential to create alignment with their purpose.

Roxy was part of ALO yoga Mindful masters program 2019, as she brought mindfulness, into the hotel boutique industry by curating weekly meditation classes, workshops, Summer Solstice mystical retreat to WEHO at La Peer Hotel for all of 2019.

With Roxy’s teacher training programs, retreats, poetry, and global virtual teacher training certifications, the Modern School of Mystics teaching modalities are now helping souls step into their power to align with their true purpose.

With love in service to love.

The Mystic temple + Sound Chamber
1635 Deetz Road
The Mystic Temple + Sound Chamber
96067 Mount Shasta
United States
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