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Crystal Bowl of Light

About Crystal Bowl of Light

Crystal Bowl of Light came about from the shared passion and vision of the two sisters,  Candace  and  Eunice , for the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Experiencing these bowls through weekly meditation sessions opened up a connection and clarity like they had never experienced before. The two have the most diverse and different personalities, passions, professions and life paths, but the bowls keep bringing them together. And together they’ve come with clear intentions to bring such clarity of oneness and connection to all through the magical vibrations and frequencies of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. They envision holding a sacred space like it is a Crystal Bowl made of Light, filled with Light and Love, in this sacred space, the most divine sounds and frequencies are co-created between the bowls and those who seek their healing vibrations for themselves and in serving others, to lift the vibrations of oneself and that of the collective.

Just like each of you, every cell in your body, every being on this planet, every atom in space, we all hold a unique vibrational frequency. This unique vibrational frequency continues to evolve and expand. It is not a static stamp or code, it is ever so alive and organic.

The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls as well all have their own unique vibrational frequencies that also change and evolve and as such the sacred temple spaces they create also hold unique vibrational frequencies that are in constant growth and expansion. As such we distinguish the two Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Bowls Temples according to their custodians: Candace’s and Eunice’s.

Eunice’s Crystal Bowl of Light
Eunice envisions creating intimate and cozy sacred spaces for individuals and groups to experience and connect with the alchemy crystal singing bowls. She feels a strong calling in matching people and places with the bowls that they are seeking for as well as the bowls that are calling them in. She is exhilarated with enthusiasm and passion in making these sacred vibrational resonance between bowls and individuals. Her temple space is always going to be filled with a great sense of curiosity, eagerness to explore and learn more, and creating divine connections within and without.

About Eunice
Eunice Cheung is originally from Hong Kong who is now living in South of France since 2019. She’s a creative soul starting from her study in Architecture, career in Interior Design and entrepreneurship in eco friendly paints; and since 2016 became an avid meditator utilising the crystal alchemy singing bowls. She received her sound healer training in Spain and has become a certified sound healer specialising in Alchemy Crystal Bowls. A yogi for over 20 years, qualified as a Kundalini yoga teacher, Eunice is passionate in integrating breathworks, mantra and kriya with the sacred sound of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

Crystal Bowl of Light
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