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Crystal Sound Oasis – Ronee Kipnes

Since 2013, Ronee Kipnes has been the guardian of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Temple in Scottsdale, AZ., home to 140 divine crystal beings. We focus on 1:1 activations to introduce you to the bowl, or bowls, which are in the highest alignment and service to you, and those who you serve. Whether you are looking for your first bowl, an addition to your set, or you want help to build the perfect grouping, Ronee is delighted to serve you! Check out the Crystal Sound Oasis website for more information on sound healing trainings, yoga and meditation classes with singing bowls, retreats, and private activations.

Crystal Sound Oasis – Ronee Kipnes
16674 N 100th St Suite 102
85260 Scottsdale
United States
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