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The Crystal Temple of Light

The Crystal Temple of Light on the Gramercy Park is a beautiful serene temple filled with angelic healing energy. The temple was created in 2012. I’m Sylvia Moss proprietor of The Crystal Temple of Light. We are in downtown Manhattan in beautiful historic Gramercy Park. I am a vibrational sound healer, a channel, guide, a teacher of angelic communication, and an author. Therefore when you come to our temple you will be in this pristine and divine energy. When most people receive their bowls in The Crystal Temple of Light, they also experience a beautiful healing. Some have amazing experiences of a private healing or channeling session. I will guide you through your process of choosing and receiving the perfect bowl for your pleasure, life, and transformation. In truth, you are being chosen by Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl® kingdom and world. It is truly a transformational experience with this high-frequency light technology with these Vessels of Light. I look forward to your visit, and to assist and support you in receiving Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® of your life, your healing, and to use with your clients. I can’t wait to guide you through your Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl adventure, new or old.

In Crystalline light,
Sylvia Ra’hanah

For more clarity please read these articles on my website, The Enchanted Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and

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The Crystal Temple of Light
Gramercy Park Area
Eastiside of Manhattan Flatiron district
New York
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