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Crystal Singing Bowls Set Collection

Divine Sound

Divine Sound: A Symphony of Resilience and Healing

Divine Sound is not just a company, it’s the embodiment of a spiritual journey – a powerful narrative of struggle, discovery, and triumph. Their founder, Lady E, epitomizes the essence of transformation, rising from adversity to orchestrate a life attuned to the healing harmonies of Crystal Tones singing bowls.

With an upbringing beset with financial hardships and feeling like an outcast, Lady E found solace in music. Facing the challenges of gender bias in the audio engineering field, she forged her path – initially self-taught as a DJ and audio engineer, and eventually reinforcing her expertise with formal college and certification.

The turning point in her life came when the weight of multiple jobs and life’s burdens nearly broke her. Seeking relief for her physical and mental turmoil through acupuncture, sound, & energy healing Lady E found her solution in the transformative power of singing bowls. This revelation illuminated the path to her true life’s mission – to share the ability to change and heal ourselves with the power of sound and meditation.

Lady E’s dedication to her calling led her to immerse herself in the world of holistic healing. She pursued extensive education in sound healing, reiki, crystal & music therapy, geology, chakra healing, yoga, breathwork, and beyond. Each class and certification deepened her understanding and skills; another step on an endless journey of learning and sharing that continues to this day.

Under Lady E’s visionary leadership, Divine Sound stands as a beacon of hope and healing for the planet. With a beautiful showroom near the healing vortexes of Joshua Tree and Desert Hot Springs, their mission is so much more than selling singing bowls – it’s about empowering people through a diverse offering of classes, workshops, meditation services, and sound-practitioner training. Specializing in providing premium sound baths and intimate singing bowl consultations, with a focus on creating a uniquely customized experience for each individual, they provide their patrons with an experience unlike any other.

At the core of Divine Sound is Lady E’s remarkable journey from a challenging past to discovering her life’s purpose through singing bowls. We invite you to be part of this transformative journey – to experience the healing power of sound and share in their mission of wellness, community, and spiritual harmony. With Lady E and their partnership with Crystal Tones, Divine Sound is poised not just to soar, but to elevate the world along with it through kindness, inclusivity, and love.

“Everyone can vibe higher with a singing bowl”

— Lady E

Divine Sound
73255 El Paseo Suite 3
Divine Sound LLC
92260 Palm Desert
United States
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