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Temple of Being

Dorothea is an Intuitive guide in breathwork, sound healing & self inquiry. Her lifelong awareness and fascination with Creation and Consciousness led her to explore and study several healing modalities with some of the world’s leading masters in non-duality, breathwork & the art of sound healing.

In her practice Dorothea holds a gentle unconditional loving space for all that is moving through her clients to allow for any unresolved energies to be accepted and integrated within the body, mind and spirit.

Her love for crystals, sound, and alchemy manifests in her sacred crystal temple space in Kauai, Hawaii. She takes joy in curating the perfect crystal set for her clients, intuitively aligning with their soul and purpose to provide the most harmonious and beautiful tools for their sacred journey. Supporting individuals in discovering their alchemy bowls is a profound honor for her, knowing it contributes to the awakening of both humanity and the Earth.

Temple of Being
5851 lokelani road
96746 kapa’a
United States
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