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Energy With Julie

People know me for my warm, sweet and humble spirit that can shift any energy in a room. Many clients and friends tell me they are drawn to my magnetic, loving, and kind nature. I will make you feel welcomed, important, and accepted – and your energy will naturally lift when we’re working together! I am a certified Reiki Master, Teacher, Sound and Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor. My professional background is in training and education, and motivational speaking from which I’ve accumulated the tools and skills to help guide others. Channeled through to my energy healing sessions and 1:1 or group Sound baths – I apply my psychic and clairvoyant gifts, which many have found beneficial or transformational in their lives.

Energy With Julie offers sound healing, also known as sound meditation for clients in Toronto or virtually via Zoom session. We use Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls in our serene space to provide a powerful sound bath therapy, which helps heal and balances the body’s energy by using vibrational sound, rhythm and frequency.

Energy With Julie
80 McGill St. Apt 1
M5B1H2 Toronto
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