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Harmonic Hearts

Akasha & Kira are traveling yogis and sound healers that have spent the past five years facilitating soundbaths, breathwork, retreats, and medicine ceremonies around the world through much of Asia, Central and South America, Europe and the western United States. Their spiritual practice is rooted in yogic philosophy and also draws upon many different modalities and expressions learned and experienced through their global travels. Finding the most profound transformation through sound and breath, they focus on sharing the joy of expansion they have found through these two most primordial energies of the universe. They carry with them an incredible array of instruments that serve as their guides, such as the crystal alchemy singing bowls, grotta sonora gongs, tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, and Native American flutes.

Let’s go together to live life fully in love and to explore the undying parts of ourselves ✨

Harmonic Hearts
11030 Catalpa Court
93422 Atascadero
United States
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