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Harmonic Space – Rossana

My journey started more than four decades ago, surrounded by the captivating sounds of gongs that resonated deep within me. It was during this time of change that my beloved Spanish mentor, Molinero, introduced me to the fascinating world of sound and its hidden teachings.

As I navigated through different business ventures, I found myself drawn to the realm of sound healing. Getting certified in Biofield Tuning was a turning point, opening my eyes to the profound impact of sound on human well-being. Fueled by my passion for integrating crystal bowls into my practice, I sought wisdom from respected teachers worldwide, each contributing their own insights to my journey.

Driven by a deep connection to the magic of sound, I aimed for Crystal Tones as the gold standard in sound healing. Getting my hands on my first Crystal Tones singing bowl was a game-changer, sparking a profound interest in these mystical instruments. My dedication to sharing this transformative experience with others led me to proudly partner with Crystal Tones in 2021, a moment that fills me with immense pride and joy.

My journey speaks volumes about my unwavering dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence in sound healing. Each step has molded me into the visionary practitioner I am today, ready to continue spreading the magic and healing power of sound to all who journey with me.

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Harmonic Space – Rossana
73 Mount Ommaney drive
4074 Jindalee QLD
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