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Hulakai Crystal Tones

Ho’olu Healing offers “humble heart-centered service to all creation” where “leaving you at ease and with comfort in your heart” is my purpose as I invite you to experience The Healing Alchemy of Creating Ease.

Specializing in private sound healings w Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls often with Reiki, for a unique deep healing that touches the essence of the soul.

Being one who prefers working quietly behind the scenes, it has always been a heavenly match for me in becoming the energy behind the sounds of these magical singing bowls.

My first experience receiving a sound healing was at a time of personal loss and grieving in my life. where finding a place of inner peace seemed impossible and quite contrary to my outer world. This was my Welcome to the World of Energy Healing moment and it changed my life in a positive profound way. I knew I needed to work with these sonic tools of transformation.

After a period of providing group sound healings for the collective, my/our world was rocked with a global shutdown during the pandemic and we were all forced to pause and reflect. It was then that I was guided in moving forward to work more closely 1:1 with individuals for what I knew to be a deeper impactful healing process.

As we each become co-creators of the New Earth energies on our planet, I am called to assist others in finding their way to be in service and to help empower them to recognize and navigate the divine breadcrumbs being placed on their paths as they feel inspired to join us in working with the power of these perfect pure tones.

Hulakai Crystal Tones
Carol Quesinberry 87-119 Kipaoa Place
96792 Waianae HI
United States
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