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Journey Angels

After experiencing many challenges in the past, we learned that all the situations we find ourselves in can be overcome positively if we look for their origin within ourselves. This is how we learned to meditate, do regression therapies, sound healings, and yoga, which helped us immensely to understand many things and have been of great help to improve ourselves and move forward. Then we began posting positive and empowering messages on Facebook to help in some way those people who needed them at some point in their lives and then we realized we could start sharing all the knowledge we had acquired. This is how we wrote a book in which we explained our entire learning process in a very simple way and at the same time we began to offer products made of semi-precious stones, very useful for channeling people’s energy, cleansing their chakras, and helping in certain situations.

Later we began offering channeling, guided group meditations, sound healing sessions, regression therapies, and guided yoga classes. This is how Journey Angels began to take shape, and we are currently updating our website to integrate all the services we provide, incorporating audio and video material that we are producing, as well as the other products we offer, all with the sole purpose of providing people with the tools to go deep within themselves and from there build a better life. For our sound healing sessions, we use an amazing set of singing bowls from Crystal Tones!

Journey Angels
24421 Alta Vista Dr. #2
92629 Dana Point
United States
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