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The Sound Space

The Sound Space is a recognized Crystal Tones Mini Temple and Partner. The Sound Space specializes in the use and application of crystal alchemy singing bowls for deeply restorative meditation. We provide sound healing classes, workshops, private sessions and trainings for listeners to enter a state of natural harmony.

Kinsey O’Leary, owner of The Sound Space, is a sound healing practitioner, Reiki master, and certified crystal healer. After completing her B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology at UC San Diego, Kinsey specialized in biomarker analysis. Always feeling a call towards a greater understanding of the natural world and human experience, she transitioned to teaching meditation classes and a variety of alternative healing modalities.

Today, through The Sound Space, Kinsey helps to bridge the gap between science and spirituality through helping others learn the art of sound healing.

By appointment only. Contact Kinsey @ 619-333-6840 or to book your alchemy bowl playtime session. Learn more at

The Sound Space
415 Laurel St Unit 425
92101 San Diego
United States
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