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Litios Canada Inc.

Our Light Crystal Center is a high vibration healing temple where you are surrounded by Light Crystals, Crystal Wands and Crystal Singing Bowls. People who enter the temple are immediately captivated by the clear, powerful and spiritual ambient that has been created there, which provides for an excellent staging and sound temple.

Ursula and Peter Schnell are spiritual teachers, seminar leaders, intuitive energy workers and musicians. Hence they understand how the nuances of sound, light, vibration and energy can come together to bring transformation and healing to the soul. They have a 40-year history working with quartz crystals, including building grids and devices incorporating the full resonances and gifts that quartz and other gemstones have to offer.

They have also worked for 15 years with the high vibrational Litios Light Crystals and as a result, have much experience in holding seminars, giving powerful single sessions and being able to discern the different types of energies.

They are therefore well trained to be able to help you choose the right Crystal Singing Bowls for you. Ursula is a clairvoyant who can tune into your Higher Self to select those bowls that most match your vibration and energy to bring about optimal transformation, harmony and balance for you. She can tell you how they effect your aura and which specific chakras are effected and most in resonance. This can be done in the center as well as remotely.

We have a large selection of Crystal Singing Bowls and set variations. We would be delighted to accompany you on acquiring your personal Crystal Singing Bowls.

Litios Canada Inc.
Litios Canada inc.

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