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Purefect Balance

Purefect Balance, Mount Shasta
Ben and Heather D’Amico stand at the helm of Purefect Balance, the renowned Mount Shasta Crystal Tones partner location 🏔️, bringing together a unique fusion of business acumen 📈, spiritual insight 🧘‍♂️, and a deep-seated passion for Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls 🎶.

Ben, with his extensive background as the Operations Manager at Crystal Tones for 9 years ⏳, played a pivotal role in the company’s monumental growth 🚀. His expertise in streamlining operations and implementing innovative technologies 💻 contributed significantly to the global success 🌍 of Crystal Tones. This technical prowess, combined with his spiritual understanding, makes him a leading figure in the industry 🔮.

Heather, the driving force behind Purefect Balance 🌟, brings her own unique flair to the business. With a rich history of working closely with Beverly Wilson, the original seller of Crystal Bowls in Mount Shasta 🌄, and her ability to envision success in multifaceted dimensions, Heather is a 5D Producer in every sense 🔮. Her direct approach to problem-solving and her capacity to nurture growth in both individuals and businesses 🌱 have been instrumental in establishing Purefect Balance as a sanctuary for holistic wellness 🕊️.

Ben and Heather extend their expertise beyond just selling Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls 🎵. They are deeply invested in the development of families and businesses 👪. Their approach includes working closely with parents and their children, integrating the soothing and healing properties of the bowls into family life 🏡. They also apply these principles in their own parenting, creating a harmonious environment for their children 👶. Their work extends to the animal kingdom, recognizing the calming effect the bowls have on pets, horses, and wildlife 🐾. Furthermore, understanding the potential of singing bowls in the business sphere, Ben and Heather offer specialized training for businesses 💼. This training is designed to empower other entrepreneurs and retailers to succeed in selling and integrating these bowls into their own businesses 🛍️. InBalance Soul (San Clemente, CA) and Soul Seed Cafe (Gibraltar, UK) are two examples that have been set up and trained by Purefect Balance.

Together, Ben and Heather are more than just business partners; they are a synergistic duo whose combined strengths create a holistic experience for those seeking wellness and balance ⚖️. Their journey from Crystal Tones and working with Bev to Purefect Balance is a testament to their commitment to not only preserve the legacy of Crystal Singing Bowls but to also innovate and expand their reach in the new era of holistic health 🌺.

In the serene setting of Mount Shasta, Purefect Balance stands as a beacon of harmony, innovation, and spiritual enrichment ✨, inviting all who seek a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them 🌏.

Purefect Balance
317 N Mt Shasta Blvd
96067 Mount Shasta
United States
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