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Rana Nader Yoga Boutique and Sound Temple

Welcome to! Meet Rana, your dedicated guide on the path to holistic wellness. With a 200 RYT certification in Vinyasa flow and Restorative Yoga, Rana embarked on her yoga journey in 2012. What began as a quest for physical health evolved into a profound exploration of self-awareness and mind-body connection, shaping her into a lifelong yogi dedicated to teaching and supporting others.
Rana understands that yoga isn’t a one-size-fits-all practice. With a belief in honoring each individual’s unique journey, she offers students the freedom to navigate their path at their own pace, encouraging modifications to honor their well-being at all times.
For the past 7 years, Rana has delved into the transformative realm of sound healing. Through Alchemy sound healing with Crystal Tones bowls, she invites others to experience deep relaxation and inner harmony. With a Sound Temple boasting over 180 bowls, Rana assists individuals in choosing the perfect bowls for their needs, whether in person or virtually.
Beyond bowl selection, Rana offers personalized Alchemy sound healing training, empowering others to harness the power of sound for their well-being.

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Rana Nader Yoga Boutique and Sound Temple
238 N Coast Hwy
92651 Laguna Beach
United States
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