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Sacred Sound Sanctuary

Since becoming a dedicated yoga practitioner in 2002, Yvonne’s focus has been on achieving and teaching methods of radiant health and well-being. In addition to being an advanced yoga teacher, Thai Yoga massage practitioner, and Plant Based Nutrition Professional, becoming a facilitator in sound healing was a natural progression.

She purchased her first Crystal Tones singing bowl in 2012, and her collection quickly grew. She opened her yoga studio, Yajamahe Yoga & Sacred Sound Sanctuary in February 2020 to have a dedicated space for offering Classical Yoga and monthly Sound Journeys in a room acoustically optimized to deliver the best auditory and sensory experience.

With the growing popularity of sound healing, Yvonne opened The Crystal Tones Temple at Yajamahe Yoga to make these exquisite singing bowls for the local community.

Sacred Sound Sanctuary
413 Fort Salonga Road
11768 Northport
United States
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