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Shawn Aceto Sounds

My introduction and journey into sound and singing bowls began when my entire life was being turned inside out and everything in it was being stripped away, emotionally, physically,and energetically. Life was unsafe, the world was unsafe, overstimulating, and overwhelming. In the chaos of managing finances, relationships, family, and multiple businesses I needed something to captivate my mind, to slow my brain, to silence the kaleidoscope of my awareness. It was sound.

Transitioning out of an intuitive healing practice I shifted the focus of my work to ‘sound healing’. The benefit of being able to serve larger groups of people became very apparent very quickly. Unlike other healing modalities, sound is able to immerse a person in an ineffable experience of awe, fascination, and mystery, supporting a deeper exploration within. Sound is simple, it just is. You don’t need a vast esoteric knowledge, just the awareness of how you respond to it.

What I offer my clients is uncomplicated, simple guidance into what resonates with them.

All my bowls are hand selected for their nuance and unique sound. I have a particular affinity toward “morph” bowls as they offer beautiful layers of overtones and harmonics. I have the largest inventory on the East Coast, available online 24 hours a day with no consulting fees or sales pressure.


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Shawn Aceto Sounds
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