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Sing Your Soul Song

High Vibe Living for Positive Change!

Michele is an inspiring healer who utilizes sacred sound alchemy with her clients and their results confirm the ability of sound and light to heal and transform lives. Experience how Michele’s Angelic Voice and Crystalline Sound Waves activate your Chakra Energy Centers and integrate your body, heart, mind & soul into a unified field so you ground and anchor into your natural flow on Planet Mama.  As a clairvoyant who channels her team of Spirit Guides, Michele reads your aura and accesses your Akashic Records. These powerful, visceral tools restore harmony and connect you with higher consciousness.
Michele supports the potential of rewiring your soul, cells and nervous system. She helps you lift yourself up into your highest self and    Tune-In To Your Soul Purpose with vision, intuition, clarity and peacefulness.  When we’re all living our soul purpose, we have the ability to create Peace on Our Planet.

Live Your High Vibe Life with Healed Heart Vitality in Pure Peaceful Presence!

Open Your Heart & Sing Your Song! 

Michele Newman
Sacred Sound Alchemist
Sing Your Soul Song
422 Escalona Dr
United States
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