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Soul Soaring - Crystal Tones®


From Classical Musician, to Broadway, to Wellness through Sound!
Crystal singing bowls have changed my life.

My path to becoming a sound healer and an authorized distributor of Crystal Tones singing bowls, has been anything but traditional!

Welcome to SoulOSoaring™, located in Southport, CT, just outside NYC. My name is Terry Eldh, and just being immersed in the healing frequencies of alchemy crystal singing bowls can be life changing.

Anchored in my classical music background, allow me to guide you through a musically prescriptive process to discover your “soul bowls” – a set of singing bowls that you resonate with deeply – both spiritually and musically. We carry a stunning array of alchemy crystal singing bowls just waiting to find their humans!

In addition, I created the deeply restorative Angelic Serenade™ Sound Method, which is a sound meditation method for groups and individuals that reduces burnout, stress and anxiety, and enhances mental clarity and overall well being. The frequencies of the singing bowls slow our brain waves into Alpha and Theta brainwave states, encouraging ‘flow’ and a meditative state. The benefits of meditation have been well studied (see “About”). You can learn more about the science behind the sound in our sound healing trainings.

I feel blessed to be able to combine my two passions: music and healing. During my time as a cast member in the Broadway Company of The Phantom of the Opera, I was drawn to study sound healing, as a way to use my classically trained voice not only to entertain – but to heal. Join me on this sonic path to wellness!

38 Mill Hill Rd
06890 Southport
United States
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