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Crystal Singing Bowls - Canada

SoulSong Sanctuary

Welcome to Crystal Singing Bowls Canada, the SoulSong Sanctuary and the original distributor of Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ in Canada. We have worked with Crystal Tones for almost 40 years.

Owner, Ann Reeves, is very passionate about researching and understanding the effects of vibration, not just in healing but in understanding individual life lessons. As a Master Bowl Consultant and with her extensive experience, she uses unique insights, knowledge and expertise to match a client’s SoulSong with their bowl.

You are welcome to come and experience the incredible vibrations of these crystal bowls and learn how your SoulSong bowl can help you with your life lessons.

SoulSong Sanctuary
Unit 71 2-Cadeau Terrace
N6K 4K7 London
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