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Spiritual Bathhouse

Spiritual Bathhouse offers Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls as well as healing sound bath sessions and workshops in Taiwan. Each set of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls holds a unique and harmonious vibrations that bring the pure and beautiful transformative qualities to your consciousness, aura, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is our blessing to walk with you on your soul journey.

Camiel, the founder of Spiritual Bathhouse, has a totally refreshing approach to spiritual teaching and gives inspiring and practical advice for increasing self-awareness, expanding consciousness and tapping into an empowering Soul journey. With the natural ability to communicate with angels from a young age, in more recent years she has authored and had published ‘The First Angel Book’ and ‘Goddess Within: Embrace Your Feminine Energy’, as well as a number of oracle decks which have earned her a reputation as a leading spiritual pioneer in Taiwan.

Spiritual Bathhouse
No. 41, Ln. 128, Jingye 1st Rd.,
Taipei City
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