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Avatar Artist - Crystal Tones

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Ava is a multi passionate artist, singer, model and spiritual mentor. She was trained by Tatjana Rybkina in classical painting and piano from a young age of 10. Ava graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and Master of Fine Arts from Goldsmith University London. Followed by a 300Hr Yoga Teacher Training, Ava studied and worked extensively with Psychedelic Plant Medicine Ayahuasca in Peru. She experienced over 25 ceremonies and 4 dietas with master plant teachers such as Noya Rao and Toé while developing her ayahuasca infused paintings in the studio of Robert Arato in Ibiza. Ava relocated to Costa Rica where she became a sound healer, spiritual guide and provocative online coach. Ava is facilitating workshops at festivals such as Healing Festival in Czech Republic, Natural High Healing Festival Finland and Colibri Spirit Festival Corfu.

Star of Avatar
San Jose
Costa Rica
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