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Terrah Rising LLC

Terrah Rising, founded by Michelle Terrah Luz, is a healing sanctuary in Point Dume, Malibu offering Spiritual Healing, Sound Healing Journeys, Private 1-on-1 sessions, and Sacred Terrah Spiritual Community. As the Earth ascends to higher vibrations, Michelle’s services are rooted in sound and energetic alchemy that bring deep healing and grounding for souls navigating the challenges of spiritual growth and awakening. Michelle is a trained sound and energy healer, who’s focus on love, presence, and frequency creates the necessary foundation to guide you through inner transformation. Recently, she has partnered with Crystal Tones to deepen her love of Sound and offer Crystal Sound Bowls to her community. Please visit the website for more information. By appointment only.

Terrah Rising LLC
29169 Heathercliff rd
suite 201
90265 Malibu
United States
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