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Whispering Heart Stoke

sound like you, be true. it all begins with an idea. almost ten years ago an idea sparked within, to inspire other to save the world in their own unique way.

our own personal realization, how to stay in the heart space, how to inspire other to be in the heart space. is enlightenment not the heart space.

our personal background, environmental engineering with a hydro-geologic remediation flare. our story explored engineering certifications through the study of Incan water ways, facilitating mind body connection through exploring the engineering marvels of this world just out of busses reach, volunteering with wildlife and land conservation efforts, to sound offerings and other meditation catalysts upon ones own journey.

we are still new, a woman owned startup. personally, our current journey of giving back is focusing on volunteer efforts. our inspiration, to do just that, uncover avenues where nature effortlessly dissolves that perceived sense of self, and allows all to enter. at the very least to inspire the next to help a positive shift in this vibrant precious resource of earth, that we all call home.

Whispering Heart Stoke
1044 Bryan Ave, Nederland
80466 Nederland
United States
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