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Whispers in Sound, San Diego

We are here to remember who we are. We are here to elevate and uplift
ourselves to our highest potential in this lifetime. The combination of alchemy crystal bowls and meditation can transform one to a place of pure peace and harmony. My commitment is to share this wisdom that is deep inside of every human being.

Whispers in sound offers sacred sound baths for deep relaxation and healing during day retreats, private healing sessions, courses for learning how to play the bowls, and weekly newsletter with astrological insights and inspirational messages of hope.

“The bowls emit tones that resonate with the human voice. The sounds permeate our systems, resonating with our essence, so that inner chaos, conflict and dissonance seem almost immediately to be transformed into harmony.”
– Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D.

Laura is a Master Sound Healer and is a 700-hour certified yoga instructor. For the past 11-plus years her focus and passion has been playing the alchemy crystal bowls while chanting and incorporating energy healing during these sessions. She is co-founder of “Singing Bowls Temple” in Sedona, AZ and “Crystal Bowls on the Road.” And now, her final (most likely) new endeavor is the owner of “Whispers in Sound San Diego”. She is an experienced and dynamic teacher of body, mind, and spirit.
Her spiritual journey began as a young child after losing her mom at a very young age. She has been on this journey of self-healing for over 45 years through dance, yoga, meditation, sound, chanting, and because of these practices she has come full circle with finding true inner peace within herself.

During her travels she was blessed to have studied Sound Healing under the tutelage of Dr. Mitchell Gaynor (Oncologist), Ashana, Sylvia Nakkach, Dr. Dream, Three Trees and other well-known leaders in the field. They have all been instrumental in helping her develop her own playing and teaching style. In addition, she incorporates her years of studying energy healing as a Master Reiki practitioner, Reconnection, Astrology, Human Design, and Angel Therapy.

Her training has also included studying with many master yoga and meditation teachers from around the world; including Swami Veda from the Himalayan Yoga tradition, Raja Yoga with Walt and Magana Baptiste, and many other spiritual leaders in the field.

Laura earned a BA in Dance, a black belt in karate, and has been influential in the world of Pilates as she started the first Pilates mat program at Rancho La Puerta and Golden Door Health Spas.

Currently she consistently leads Sacred Sound Sessions as a Presenter of Sound at world renowned Health Spa, Rancho La Puerta. In addition, she offers Sound Healing Trainings with the alchemy crystal bowls, sound baths, private sessions and semi-private sessions at Whispers in Sound San Diego. Her mission is to uplift, elevate, and help others to shift into higher consciousness with these masterful tools for enlightenment.


Whispers in Sound, San Diego
3014 Evergreen St.
92110 San Diego
United States
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