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The Shared Edge

Myda is a 500hour Registered yoga teacher who works with a variety of crystal singing bowls to re-connect to and sustain our inherent harmonic vibration of wholeness that runs throughout our physical and energetic bodies. Through guided contemplation, breathwork, meditation, and sound, she facilitates a personal experience in which one can access their unique yet innate capacity to be healthy and whole; be it by releasing no-longer-needed patterns of tension; by gaining greater clarity and vision; or by simply resting in the resonance of the higher frequencies of joy, love, and harmony.

She offers classes, workshops, trainings and retreats in yoga, meditation and sound healing. Her Mini Singing Bowl Temple is a little respite from the urban noise and chaos of New York City, located in the Rockaways, a beach-side area on the southern coast of Queens, NY.


The Shared Edge
8808 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Suite 309
11693 Far Rockaway
United States
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